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Creative Flow Studio Arts


Wildwood,  NJ

Painted off site, on non woven poly mesh, then installed onsite



Stretched 36" x 50" stretched canvas original painting for New Mexican Themed Restaurant

Hand painted faux brick panels and rough unpolished venetian plaster walls with copper breakouts


City of Newark  N.J.,  C.W.O.W.,  The Barat Youth Initiative

Painted Off site, in my studio then installed


Me  and my faithful "WALLDAWG" Installer Cali who suffered through tantrums, 45 degree winds, electrocuting scaffolds,

and who continued to keep the conversation very interesting and me laughing.  A big XO to you my friend!


Newark Peace Summit 2011

To welcome  His Holiness the Dalai Lama

We CREATED a Peace Movement through the making of art.

By far the best most self satisfying project I ever worked on!!!

35' x 50'

This Project was commissioned through The Barat Youth Initiative.

Designed by Artist Dan Fenelon         Directed /Produced by Susan Daly

Painted by 400 High School Students on 140 - 2.5'x5' panels then installed onsite.

More about the Barat Youth Initiative






Nature Center

Hand painted onsite with using custom stencils for lettering


Encore!  Performing Arts Center

Angelo's Pizza on the Ocean City,  NJ  Boardwalk


If  It's GOYA It Has To Be Good

7' x 29' painted on canvas and installed.

Formica's Bakery and Cafe


Faux stone and brick /onsite and canvas painted - faux door with portrait

The Hungry Quail Restaurant and Bar



Hand painted onto wood and aged

Saito's Japanese Restaurant     Palm Springs FL.



Canvas paintings and installed


St. Andrews Church, Atlantic City, NJ

Red Square/Atlantic City, NJ


 The murals were painted on a non-woven poly, then installed. 

I chose to use this material because it does not have a texture. When painted it is smooth. 

I ripped the edges and  heavily aged the surface, to look like an old fresco painting.

A-Damn Good Crab Shack Sports Bar 

Atlantic City, NJ 




Justin's Candies   Somers Point, NJ


Knife & Fork / Atlantic City, NJ


Firewater's Bar / Atlantic City, NJ

Valmonta Performing Arts Center

Veterinary Center


Exterior Mural

lang final.JPG (136618 bytes)

7' x 30'


La' Pizza Tega

PICT0160.JPG (188316 bytes)     pizza tega close up.JPG (114695 bytes)

  5' x 10' 



rb's 1.JPG (174274 bytes)      rbs 2.JPG (199831 bytes)       rbs 3.JPG (201268 bytes)      rbs 4.JPG (164859 bytes)

4' x 7' (All)



gomet sun.JPG (133657 bytes)

30' x 16' canvas painting, that shimmers in the light as if it was made of tile.

Liberty._MOZAIC_JPG.JPG (104160 bytes)          sun_MOZAIC.JPG (39089 bytes)

10' x 10' canvas's located in Myrtle Beach, SC @ T-Bonz and Liberty Steakhouse and Brewery.

liberty2.JPG (19269 bytes)

5' x 12' oil painting on canvas located in High Point, NC @ Liberty Steakhouse and Brewery.

Liberty Steak House, Myrtle Beach, SC. liberty 1.JPG (66488 bytes) 


T-Bonz  t bonz west ash.JPG (128780 bytes)      barefoot mural.JPG (139099 bytes)     t bonz barefoot.JPG (178429 bytes)

More pictures to come!