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Welcome To

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 A Full Working Professional Art Studio and Gallery


* Original Paintings  *  Commissions for Murals and Portraits *

* Artist Guided Social Painting Events * 

Located Inside

5209 Atlantic Ave.   Ventnor, N.J.

Next to Jamaican Me Crazy/Ventnor  and Malelani Cafe

Across from Sage Restaurant and Lisa's

Hours: Mon & Tue: By Appointment

Weds - Sun: 11:30 - 9:30 ( depends on class schedule )


____________________ 609-214-3063 ______________________

Artist Guided Painting Classes

Turn on your inner artist by painting like the Master Painters

Pick one or paint them all and create your own collection that complement each other in color and style

16" x 20" Canvas      2 to 2.5 Hour Classes       $35 each

All Materials Included *  Cups and Water Included  * BYOB/ Must be 21 to bring alcohol 

Ice in a cooler upon request

Private parties require 10 or more with 12 max people.  Ages 10 and Up

48 hours  cancelation notice required for refund.

Excepting Cash, Check and Pay Pal

Please call direct to schedule or follow link below for online registration


609-214-3063   Cell  Susan Daly


Series 1

Vincent Van Gogh's

Vibrant pallet and strong brush stokes that creates lots of movement

Sample painting for class




     Van Gogh Original  

       Mulberry Tree

                         Olive Grove

                                         Olive Trees with Yellow Sky


Now that you have experienced what it is like to paint like Van Gogh,  create local imagery in the same style.

                       Windy Pier .... The Ventnor Fishing Pier

                                On the Rocks..... Jetties and Sea Grass

                                            Silent Glide.... Ventnor Bridge at night / Starry Night

                                                             Starry Lu.... Lucy the Elephant / Starry Night


Birds Eye View Series

They will be customized in the class.   You can add your own family and beach stuff.


                       Penthouse   A condo perspective



A Couple Of Drones

Team painting.   Add what is important to the 2 of you and customize it.  Frame together for a 16" x 40" painting.


Light Hearted

                       Whimsy  Light Decorative Design


                                                      Stuck in the Sand  Can be customized for your family


                                                                           1 Umbrella  Can be customized for your family


Custom Canvas Designs are welcome for groups of 10! 

Show me what you want. I can create anything!

$35 Sample Creation Fee.

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