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Creative Flow Studio Arts


Victorian Ceiling Canvas Mural, before the install.


Ceiling Canvas Murals




HGTV's  "Spice Up My Kitchen"


Hand painted on Fire Treated Canvas and installed for the TV shows 2009 season



Hand painted on site for the TV shows new season coming this Spring 2009.

The owners loved trees so I painted a wood column to look like a birch tree and

added branches .  They actually have an albino squirrel living in their woods.

The Woodpecker is a real sculpture.


True Venetian Plaster with a Custom Stencil Overlay and Underlay, then Waxed and Glazed to age it even more


Hand Painted Venetian Plaster

The window was created off site. Pre cut wood panel, was Venetian plastered then hand painted and installed, to keep the texture consistent. 

The shells, birds and grasses were painted onsite before polishing the plaster.

Babbling Birches


Oil painting , canvas wrapped on 2" deep artist stretcher frames.

T's  Tropical Patio



All On-Site Hand Painting

Canvas House Portrait

Hand Painted Cabinets

Faux Stone & Wood Grain Beam

Faux Window & Stone

The Window and Shutters were painted on canvas, then installed. 

The Faux and Stone, were painted onsite.

Exercise Room


                                                                                     please notice the line up of the trees

I am showing you a close up, because the birdhouse hides an electrical panel

The right bottom hole is where you open it.


Hand Painted hot tub cover to reflect the mural. This was painted onsite.

Party Painting



This was an interesting project. the Owners wanted a really fun painting with portraits of themselves, there daughter and dog in it. There are many details that you can not see in the photos, like favorite watches and shoes.

Also, they have the most beautiful staircase,  made with custom wrought iron work. If you look close to the 2nd photo, you can see it in the background. I duplicated it in my painting, to bring the two rooms together.


4' x 7' painted on MDO board

Another really different project, clients wanted show where they have been on vacation


10'x10' Abstract on canvas and Hung

Outside Art

Painted on MDO Board for outside installation


Please click on images for closer look

fireplace after.JPG (32250 bytes)

Faux Painted Fireplace, used to be white

Angel on Balcony

angel with balastrads final.JPG (123652 bytes)

Size: 8' x 9' : Canvas painting installed and fauxed

Hand Painted Wall Hanging

karen fireplace.JPG (95357 bytes)

3' x 10'


Pool House   

pool house final.JPG (179786 bytes)

9' x 9'      


Tuscany Wall Hanging

tuscany mural new web.JPG (205691 bytes)

7' x 4'

Jungle Theme:
Room Dimensions: 13' x 18'
Main Mural including full Ceiling Mural plus Faux Finishing


                             jungle 1.JPG (127576 bytes)             jungle 3.JPG (52651 bytes)


                                                         thompson jungle 2.JPG (67790 bytes)   


Luna.JPG (71226 bytes)  

Dining Room: 5'h x 10'w

bobby.JPG (138022 bytes)  

Kitchen Tuscany Scene: 6'w x 8'h

bathroom.JPG (97632 bytes)

Bathroom, canvas and onsite ceiling

warrior.JPG (86044 bytes)  

Japanese Warrior Wall Hanging: 4'w x 7'h 

light house window.JPG (93455 bytes)  

Ocean View Window: 2'w x 3'h


                      soda entrance.JPG (84560 bytes) Soda Fountain soda.install for web siteJPG.JPG (94235 bytes)    


                                 coop 1.JPG (74938 bytes)    Chicken Coops   coop 2.JPG (55244 bytes)

  hunting.JPG (77783 bytes)

Fox Chase