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Creative Flow Studio Arts

Working in the big corporate world of the Casino industry has it own set of rules and challenges.

From Fire Rating to super large pieces expected to be produced within very short deadlines.

Tropicana Box Office Entrance

Canvas Paintings and Large Format Digital Prints installed

Tropicana/The Quarter Painted Sky Scapes


This project was anything but glamorous. I had a really great crew.

I would like to say thanks to Diane, Curt, and Brian. 

Warwick Hotel, Philadelphia

Temp Wall in the Tropicana

12'h x 109'l

This was a really unique project. The turn around was 2 weeks from design to install. 

These are not original paintings, but enlarged digital prints. I painted them 8" x 11", enlarged them, then installed, and then faux the pink wall.

 It was up for a month.


Please click on pictures to enlarge

All murals below were produced in the 1990's

  Bally's Wild Wild West Casino

 in Atlantic City N.J.

BALLY_DOME.JPG (13772 bytes) BALLYS_MT._BAR.JPG (19094 bytes) BALLYS_WILD_WEST_CACTUS.JPG (15702 bytes)

A 19,000 sq.ft. dome, 60ft above ground and a mural that extends off of real mountains, plus other paintings, 

Production time...8 weeks. All painted on site.


Showboat Casino

 in Atlantic City N.J.

                                                                                                  show._bayou._cliff.JPG (19488 bytes) Showboat Bayou Slot Room/Back Wall


show._bayou._flower_man.JPG (14985 bytes) Showboat Bayou Slot Room/Left Wall    show._left_side_port_2.JPG (20454 bytes) Showboat/Porte-cochere (Left Side)

                                                                                                       show._port._right.JPG (21016 bytes) Showboat/Porte-cochere (Right Side)


Caesars Casino

 in Atlantic City, N.J.

CEASARS_ANGELS.JPG (16042 bytes) Caesars ceiling mural/Ambrosia Restaurant

                                                                                         angels.JPG (50616 bytes)    CEASARES_FULL_CEILING.JPG (8349 bytes) Caesars/ Finished installed product.


Harrah's Casino

 in Atlantic City N.J.

harrah's faux copper.JPG (71549 bytes)


Claridge Casino

 in Atlantic City N.J.

claridge prints.JPG (41452 bytes)


Tropicana Casino

 in Atlantic City N.J.

tropicana.JPG (53793 bytes)     trop scrolls 2.JPG (508085 bytes)


Sands Casino

 in Atlantic City N.J.

Sands 1.JPG (64719 bytes)         sands 2.JPG (61763 bytes)         sands 3.JPG (63961 bytes)