Children's Rooms

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Creative Flow Studio Arts


"Tree of Life"

Painted on canvas , die cut, then installed.

Cabin Cubby Under Stairs



Painted onsite, in a cubby under a stairwell.



The Big "D"


Painted on canvas for a private residence and not permanently attached to the wall. 

Instead of glue, I stapled it and covered them with lattice  strips and painted them out to blend in with the mural.

This is the reason I stress that canvas is so much better than on the wall.


Below is how I changed the layout and added additions.




A Fairy Tree in Brooklyn


Painted on site


Dr. Sless's Office 2


US Vision / Child Care Facility

I had a really fun time painting this canvas mural. Here I am showing it pre installed. 

Alli's Room

Painted on canvas then installed with extensions added onsite

English Creek Academy / Early Years

Painted onsite, a complete panoramic mural

Itty bitty family portrait



Jungle and Savannah



This was mostly painted on canvas then installed. I then painted extensions onsite .


Peter Rabbit and Friends




It's Not Easy Being Green


Kermit is 1 large canvas mural, installed and the rest is painted onsite.

Brighton Pediatrics

Thank you Dr. Dana Sless for such a wonderful project

Really Big Bugs





Stop to Smell the Flowers





Surfing Monkey



Stick Out Your Tongue

Peace To The World

My Favorite Jeans

Wishing Bright Stars On You

Swimming with the Dolphins







      All images painted onsite, directly on the wall.


Under the Sea 




Exterior Mural, painted on MDO Board, cut and installed

Big Butterflies






Vincent's Pond



        Canvas Painting, installed and feathered out to blend into room.  

 * notice how the corners  blend  away *



Tree House





Canvas - windows, pet portraits and sky paintings, installed, then the rest was painted on-site

Butterflies and Clouds

Girly Girl

Canvas Painting



The Lion King 

Hand Painted On-Site


Butterfly Room / Digital Prints

Prints Glued to wall. Butterflies have glitter added

 Surfer Boy 

The large painting was painted on canvas and is removable. the rest was painted onsite.

Fishy/ Digital Prints

Above are large format print, then glued to wall

Hand Painted on site

Please click on images below for closer look

Mermaids and Sea Turtles

   turtles.JPG (178543 bytes)           merial close up.JPG (185313 bytes)          full well.JPG (169518 bytes) 


Fairy Castle/Digital Prints

  bobby basement.JPG (79471 bytes)     Production Peek-a-Boo Tail1.JPG (112788 bytes)     bobby basement 2.JPG (289117 bytes)

 Illustrations were painted small then enlarged with my printer


In The Clouds

                 DIDNEY 1.JPG (60768 bytes)            DISNEY 3.JPG (75647 bytes)           DISNEY 2.JPG (48378 bytes)            


Candy Land/ Hand Painted

    CANDYLAND 1.JPG (62368 bytes)     candyland detail.JPG (77556 bytes)     candyland 2.JPG (72464 bytes)


Tree House and Bears

pooh.JPG (68572 bytes)